Dr. Suprakash Roy appears in The Best Seller, a novel by Arunabha Sengupta.

A cyber conscious mender of minds, he is interested in the effect of the modern world of the internet and social networking in changing human behaviour.

The following are a demonstration of how the doctor's own mind works, extrapolated from the novel.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iPhone therefore I am - net nuggets

With one Apple, expelled from Eden ... with iPad, iPhone, iBook, iTunes, iPod ??? Expelled from earth to roam forever in virtual reality

iPhone therefore I am

A world that wakes up to read the writing on the wall

Twitter has made the world more forward thinking than ever ... albeit more prone to forward than think

The click shall inherit the earth

Facebook - a combination of id, ego and superego ... with id signifying electronic identity

Cosmic consciousness or end of free will?

Words of the Prophet are written on the Facebook Wall ...

Click and thou shalt find

Thy will be done ... on earth as on the web

Panic is infectious, twitter and facebook the carriers ... the social networked animal is approaching the tipping point of an epidemic

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